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Stura to Tinèe valley traverse
Lago Rabuons
Trekking Itinerary

  Day one

1st section
from Rifugio Talarico (1750 m) to Colle Panieris (2683 m); about 2 h 30 min.
From Rifugio Talarico follow the track for about 20 minutes towards Colle di Stau (G.T.A.). At 1950m a.s.l the track forks, follow P32.
The path runs through the middle of the Vallonetto Panieris, before turning to the right. A series of bends takes you up to the Colle where there are fortifications from the last war. Here there are fantastic views over the Cozie, Maritime Alps, Delfinato and the Po Valley.

2nd section
from Colle Panieris (2683 m) to Rifugio di Vens ( 2370 m); about 1h 30 min.
The path, flat or slightly downhill, takes you to Passo Morgon (2655 m, Pas de Blanches on French maps) in 15 minutes, then to Passo della Tortisse (2591 m), before a downhill section takes you past the unusual Arc de Tortisse to Rifugio di Vens (path 35a).

  Day two

1st section
from Rifugio di Vens (2370 m) to the beginning of the Chemin de l'Energie (2331m); about 2 hours.
From Rifugio di Vens walk downhill to the right of Lake Superiore di Vens. After lakes Mediano and Inferiore, there is a footbridge at 2285 m. From here go up to the lake and then to the crest des Barbarottes (2506m). Going downhill along path 113 takes you to the beginning of the "Chemin de l' energie".

2nd section
along the Chemin de l'Energie to Rifugio del Lac Rabuons (2523 m); about 2 h 30min.
Follow the track through two tunnels in the rock to the ruins of Cabane du Tenibres and then to Plan de Tenibres (the Tenibres, at 3031m, is the highest mountain in the western Maritime Alps).
Follow the track through further tunnels, around panoramic viewpoints and then up a short climb to Rifugio Rabuons and the lake of the same name.

  Day three

along the same route as the outward trek; about 6hrs 30min

Alternative return route for Day 3

Alternative route
top left: Lago Rabuons at dawn from Passo Tres Puncias on the second day

Arc de la tortisse
Arc de la tortisse, day 1. Descending from Col de Tortisse, close to Rifugio di Vens.

Passo di Scollettas
Passo di Scollettas, day 3. This photo was taken beyond Passo di tres Puncias on the way down to Rifugio Talarico. The Zanotti mountains can be seen in the background.
all photos Mauro Barra

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