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Stura to Tinèe valley traverse
Passo Tres Puncias
Passo des Tres Puncias alternative route

Alternative return route for Day 3 for expert trekkers with appropriate gear only.

  The itinerary

Difficulty: EA (experts with equipment)
Total height gain: 650 m
Total height loss: 1400 m
Max. altitude: 2845 m (Passo des Tres Puncias)
Time: 6 hours

Gear: rope, ice axe and crampons at beginning of season

Useful telephone numbers: Rifugio Zanotti, unattended, keys from Hotel Le Barricate di Pontebernardo
(Tel: +39 0 171/96616)

  Alternative route:

1st section
from Rifugio Rabuons ( 2523m) to Passo des Tres Puncias (2845m); about 1h 30min.
From the refuge go along the left bank of the lake. The path then leads up to lakes Chaffour and Cimon, from where you shortly reach the pass via the detritus.

2nd section
from Passo des Tres Puncias (2845 m) to Rifugio Zanotti (2200 m); about 2 hours.
The descent from Passo des Tres Puncias is the trickiest part of the route. From the pass it is necessary to keep right then lower yourself into a channel of rubble alongside the Becco Alto dell'Ischiator (Gran Cimon di Rabuons for the French). Head for the small fossil glacier of the Ischiator which falls into a small lake.
From the lake, cross the rubble to the left of the Comba di Schiantalà, then follow the path to Rifugio Zanotti via Lake del Laris.

3rd section
from Rifugio Zanotti (2200 m) to Rifugio Talarico (1750 m); about 2 hours.
From the refuge descend to a military road which leads north. After some bends, go through a tunnel in the rock before reaching Passo Sottano di Scollettas (2223 m).
From the pass, follow the path through meadows down to Prati del Vallone and on to Rifugio Talarico.

Alternative route
top left: Passo Tres Puncias, second and third day, taken from Lake Rabouns.

Ischiator glacier and lake
The Ischiator glacier, tekking day 3, just past the Tres Puncias Pass.
all photos Mauro Barra
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