Hans Kammerlander, a world-class mountaineer
Hans Kammerlander
by Vinicio Stefanello and Nicholas Hobley
Hans Kammerlander on the summit of Kangchenjunga
to Patagonia and the Himalaya where, on seven 8000m peaks, his companion was none other than Reinhold Messner.

othing of this transpires from his behaviour towards his group of clients. He shows a simplicity and cordiality far removed from the clichés of a super mountaineer.

This does not mean that he has abandoned his passion for major projects, or that he is cured of his "addiction" to mountains, a theme that gave rise to the homonymous title of his book "Malato di montagna".

Kammerlander is someone whose actions speak for themselves. The ascent and subsequent ski descent of K2, a project he will attempt in the near future, are testimony to this remarkable man.

Hans Kammerlander on the summit of Kangchenjunga

We meet Hans Kammerlander in his Guides office while he is busy showing a series of slides about trekking to Everest Base Camp.

He invites us to take part in what is a normal end to a day out with his climbing school. We sit down and let ourselves be taken far away for a while.

Hans is well-known for his ascents in the Himalaya and the rest of the world. He holds the record for the fastest ascent, the fastest descent and, on that occasion, the first ski descent of Everest.

That was in 1996, and Hans had an admirable mountaineering career behind him, stretching from the Alps,