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Angela Bonato
Photo by Pietro Bagnara / OpenCircle / Melloblocco
Anna Borella
Photo by Pietro Bagnara / OpenCircle / Melloblocco
Roberta Longo
Photo by Pietro Bagnara / OpenCircle / Melloblocco
Stefano Scetti & Nicola Noé
Photo by Pietro Bagnara / OpenCircle / Melloblocco
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Mellopeople: Pietro Bagnara's Melloblocco 2014 portrait photos

03.05.2014 by Planetmountain

The photos taken by Pietro Bagnara of some of the protagnists of Melloblocco 2014.

Look me in the eyes… click. Pietro Bagnara captures smile and glances at and of Melloblocco 2014. The photos he takes are of climbers, of those who work behind the scenes, the organisers, veterans and beginners. It all began as a joke almost. But this too is a way to remember, in a lighthearted manner, that nothing comes about by chance and that there is always something that unites us all, beyond the differences. And of course a smile, a glance, an expression are unrepeatable moments. Like battling and finally reaching the top of a Melloblocco boulder.

03/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014: flash 3
02/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - day two, climbing without limits 
02/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014: flash 2 
01/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014: day one, sunshine for everyone 
30/04/2014 - The Melloblocco 2014 boulder problems by Simone Pedeferri
30/04/2014 - For those who love Melloblocco... the journey begins
24/04/2014 - Less than a week to Melloblocco!
03/04/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - simply climbing
16/01/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - register now online!
10/04/2014 - Simone Pedeferri - behind the scenes of Melloblocco 2014

Info and program on www.melloblocco.it

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