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Davide Magnini
Photo by ISMF
Alessandra Cazzanelli
Photo by ISMF
Robert Antonioli
Photo by ISMF
Davide Magnini
Photo by ISMF
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Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2013: Sprint and Individual races

12.02.2013 by Planetmountain

2nd and 3rd day of the Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2013 at Les Ecrins (France) with the Sprint and Individual Cadets and Junior. Italy wins gold thanks to Davide Magnini and Alba De Silvestro!

After Sunday's splendid Team Race, the second day of the Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2013 woke up to completely different conditions compared to the weekend, with heavy snowfall right from the outset. Monday morning kicked off with the Sprint, the devastating race which in some respects resembles a snowboarding Boardercross, where 6 athletes all set off at the same time, racing up and down a series of slopes, at times skinning uphill, at times with skis strapped to their rucksacks, in a crazy 2 and half minutes.

In the Senior category the first to cross the finishing line was Germany's Josef Rottmoser (after dominating "his" discipline right from the start) and Switzerland's Mireille Richard who after a poor start managed to overtake all and win gold. The Junior category was won by Inka Belles Naudi from Andorra and France's Corentin Cerutti, while the Cadets was dominated by France's Adèle Milloz and Switzerland's Thomas Corthay. It's worth noting Italy's excellent 6 medals: silver for Robert Antonioli and Alessandra Cazzanelli (Under 23), Alba De Silvestro (Junior) and Davide Magnini (Cadets); bronze for Nadir Maquet (Junior) and Pietro Canclini (Cadets).

Today was dedicated to the Individual race for the Cadets and Juniors. After 1270m vertical hight gain the Junior Male category was won by Germany's Anton Palzer, followed by Italy's Nadir Maguet and Switzerland's Rémi Bonnet, while Alba De Silvestro provided Italy with its first gold in the Female Junior category by beating Sophie Mollard from France and Inka Belles Naudi who had won yesterday's Sprint.

The Cadets category held some more surprises in store for Italy: after 43 minutes and 18 seconds Davide Magnini crossed the finishing line to win gold, while bronze went to his teammate Pietro Canclini in 45:48. Simon Bella Bouvier from France split the two to take silver in 44:36. In the female event Fanny Meynet - Cordonnier from France won gold ahead of her teammate Adèle Milloz and Giulia Compagnoni from Italy.

Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2013 continue tomorrow with the Individual Senior races.

Cadets Male

1 Corthay, Thomas Switzerland
2 Magnini, Davide Italy
3 Canclini , Pietro Italy
7 Pettavino, Erik Italy

1 Milloz, Adèle France
2 Meynet - Cordonnier, Fanny France
3 Müller, Jana Switzerland
5 Compagnoni, Giulia Italy
6 Corazza , Laura Italy

Junior Male
1 Cerutti, Corentin France
2 Palzer, Anton Germany
3 Maguet, Nadir Italy
4 Faifer, Luca Italy
6 Pedergnana, Michele Italy
12 Nicolini, Federico Italy

Junior Female
1 Belles Naudi, Inka Andorra
2 De Silvestro, Alba Italy
3 Mollard, Sophie France
6 Mastrota, Natalia Italy

Senior Male
1 Rottmoser, Josef Germany
2 Marti, Marcel Switzerland
3 Ecoeur, Yannick Switzerland

Senior Female
1 Richard, Mireille Switzerland
2 Silitch, Nina Usa
3 Forsberg, Emelie Sweden
6 Nicolini, Elena Italy
10 Cazzanelli, Alessandra
13 Pellissier, Gloriana
29 Compagnoni, Elisa

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