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Pillar del Sol Naciente, SE Ridge Cerro Murallón, Patagonia (Lise Billon, François Poncet, Jeremy Stagnetto, Jerome Sullivan, Pedro Diaz 10/2012)
Photo by Rolando Garibotti

Pillar del Sol Naciente, new route on Cerro Murallón in Patagonia

13.12.2012 by Planetmountain

On Cerro Murallón in Patagonia Lise Billon, Pedro Diaz, François Poncet, Jeremy Stagnetto, Jerome Sullivan have made the first ascent of Sol Naciente (1000m, 7b A1 WI6 M6).

Rolando Garibotti informs on his website Pataclimb.com about an extremely important new route in Patagonia first ascended by the French alpinists Lise Billon, François Poncet, Jeremy Stagnetto, Jerome Sullivan and Spain's Pedro Diaz who forged Pillar del Sol Naciente up the SE Ridge of Cerro Murallón.

Garibotti describes the 1000m line as questi 1000 metri come "the most beautifully striking unclimbed line in all of Patagonia" and explains "They climbed it using portaledges over 9 days, placing 15 bolts, all at belays. This line is remote, completely independent and darn hard. A truly creative ascent that implies a significant departure. If there was a line in all of Patagonia that begged to be climbed this was the one." The overall difficulties are given at 7b A1 WI6 M6.

Cerro Murallón Patagonia

Cerro Murallon was first climbed in 1984 by the Italians Cassimiro Ferrari, Carlo Aldè and Paolo Vitali via a route which, thanks to its beauty and the style of ascent, is recognised as a historic Patagonian ascent (VI 5.10 A2/3 80°, 1500m, Aldè-Ferrari-Vitali, 1984).

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