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Photo by Riky Felderer

Photo by Riky Felderer
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Via del Det, the story and history in a film

10.05.2012 by Planetmountain

The film and the first free ascent Sulla via del Det up Sasso Cavallo (Lecco, Italy) will be screened at Valmadrera, with special guests Giuseppe Alippi Det, Benigno Balatti and the Ragni Luca Passini and Matteo Piccardi.

Certain routes have a story worth telling. One of these is Via del Det. Those who hang out in the fantastic Lario Grigna climbing area know full-well that Det is the nickname for Giuseppe Alippi. A truly special alpinist, one belonging to "days gone past". A climber who in some respects shunned the limelight and was submersed in a land where climbing celebreties abound. Perhaps this is why he has always been held in high regard by alpinists in the know. Just like the route Via dei Corvi - aka Via del Det - which breaches the spectacular SE Face of Sasso Cavallo. 400m of vertical and at times overhanging limestone which, ever since time began, has represented a sort of university of climbing in the Grigna region. Routes here include the historic Cassin and Oppio, as well as the "modern" and beautiful 10 Piani di morbidezza first ascended by Norberto Riva, Gianfranco Tantardini and Umberto Villotta. It's exactly there, from 5 - 7 April 1974, that Det left his mark along with Benigno Balatti, Gianfranco Tantardini and Ezio Molteni. A mark which, in 2011, quite rightly made headline news. It all began when the route was solo climbed by Marco Anghileri (the second solitary ascent after Antonello Cardinale back in the '80's). And then Luca Passini and Matteo Piccardi completed what was missing: the first free ascent. The two Ragni di Lecco climbers carried out toiled hard, prepared and even cleaned the line, to then free the route on Wednesday 12 October. This is a story worth telling and this marked the start of the project "Sulla Via del Det", a film by Paola Nessi with images by Riky Felderer. The film will be presented Thursday 17 May during a special evening celebration including guest speakers such as Giuseppe Alippi "Det", Benigno Balatti and also Luca Passini and Matteo Piccardi. Definitely worth watching.

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