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Kevin Jorgeson making the first ascent of the super highball Ambrosia at Bishop, California, USA
Photo by BigUp Productions

Bishop bouldering: Kevin Jorgeson frees Ambrosia at the Buttermilks

09.01.2009 by Planetmountain

Kevin Jorgeson from America has made the first ascent of the super highball 'Ambrosia' at the Buttermilks, Bishop and the first repeat of Luminance V11.

After his recent audacious trip to England's gritstone, American climber Kevin Jorgeson is currently on unstoppable form at the Buttermilks in Bishop, California, where yesterday he made the first ascent of the highball "Ambrosia". The 45 foot problem climbs the magnificent central wall of the Grandpa Peabody boulder to a hueco at circa 20 feet, before continuing up sustained ground to the top.

Local expert Wills Young explains that the line had been attempted in the early 1990's by Tommy Herbert and dubbed Ambrosia - food of the immortals, before being abandoned. Jorgeson took up the challenge and toproped the line prior to yesterday's successful solo.

Although no grade has been put forward as yet - the start could be a V11 in its own right, followed by commiting 5.13 to the top - Jorgeson feels all his other climbs have simply been stepping stones towards this ascent. Wills Young comments further that Kevin "has taken headpointing to a new level at the Buttermilks."

Immediately after his successful first ascent, Jorgeson made a swift second ascent of Luminance, the V11 super highball first ascended by Shawn Diamond at the end of December. No doubt we'll be hearing more about Bishop action in the future.

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