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arrowL’ode alla Vacha di Gigi Zoppello in the WebTv TrentoFilmfestival

An image taken from the film Vacha una poesia di Gigi Zoppello directed by Andrea Andreotti and presented in 2004 at the 52nd TrentoFilmfestival.
Photo by arch. TrentoFilmfestival

L’ode alla Vacha di Gigi Zoppello in the WebTv TrentoFilmfestival

15.07.2008 by Planetmountain

Vacha una poesia di Gigi Zoppello, the file by Andrea Andreotti presented in 2002 at the 52nd Trentofilmfestival is now online on the TrentoFilmfestival WebTv

Thanks to the director the film "Vacha una poesia di Gigi Zoppello" can now be viewed  in the WebTV sectionof the TrentoFilmfestival. The cartoon clip, narated by Andrea Andreotti, recites the poem "l'ode alla vacca" written by the Trentino journalist Gigi Zoppello. The film is a subtle mix of irony and pleasant images of these lands and mountains and analyses the cow both from a symbollic and real point of view.

>> Vacha una poesia di Gigi Zoppello

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