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Big Wall Speed Climbing: Jurica Levatić and Perica Levatić training for the competition
Photo by Luka Tambača
Big Wall Speed Climbing: Jurica Levatić and Perica Levatić training for the competition
Photo by Luka Tambača
Jurica Levatić and Perica Levatić in 2007
Photo by Levatić collection
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Big Wall Speed Climbing, new record by Levatić brothers in Paklenica

06.05.2014 by Planetmountain

Last weekend Jurica Levatić and his brother Perica Levatić won the 15th Big Wall Speed Climbing competition in Paklenica, Croatia in a record time of 15:16.

Big Wall Speed Climbing? El Capitan, Yosemite, right? Yes, but not only. Also in Paklenica, the superbly beautiful National Park in Croatia famous among climbers for its compact Verdon-like limestone. Ever since the early 60's this canyon has attracted climbers and at the start of the new millennium its smooth walls started to host a sports climbing competition that captured the imagination of local and international climbers, attracting the likes of Stefan Glowacz, Leo Houlding, Tomas Mrazek, Dani Andrada, Marko Lukič, Andrej Grmovšek, Silvo Karo...

The list is long but the rules of the annual competition are simple: climb the aptly named Big Wall Speed Climbing route as fast as possible, as a two-man team and, for safety reasons, clip all the anchors and never simul-climb. The 160m outing offers everything from technical crimps to powerful jugs and unsurprisingly times up these 5 pitches (the 6th is avoided for technical reasons) have dropped rapidly over the last decade.

This year's event was won on Saturday by the Levatić brothers, Jurica and Perica who, after winning in 2012 and 2013 pulverised their previous time of 20:49 and have now stopped the clock at a staggering 15:16. The Levatić brothers beat Igor Čorko and Emil Mucko by a mere 39 seconds, while third placed Ivan Pevec and Siniša Škalec concluded their run in 22:07. The women's event was won by the unbeatable Sunčica Hrašćanec and Inga Patarčić in 16:02 up the 110m 6a+ Karamara Sweet Temptations.

Jurica Levatić – Perica Levatić (CRO) 15:16
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Inga Patarčić (CRO) 16:02

Jurica Levatić – Perica Levatić (CRO) 27:02
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Inga Patarčić (CRO) 15:07
Men: Big Wall Speed Climbing (6c+, 160m), Women: Karamara Sweet Temptations (6a+, 110m)

Jurica Levatić – Perica Levatić (CRO) 20:49
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Inga Patarčić (CRO) 18:08
Men: BWSC, Women: BWSC – variation (6b, 100m)

Marko Marasović – Emil Mucko (CRO) 23:36
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Inga Patarčić (CRO) 14:43
Men: BWSC, Women: Karamara Sweet Temptations

Klemen Bečan – Jure Bečan (SLO) 26:06
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Inga Patarčić (CRO) 14:53
Men: BWSC, Women: Karamara Sweet Temptations

Igor Čorko – Ljubomir Sakač (CRO) 21:23
Maja Apat – Nastja Davidova (SLO) 19:56
Men: BWSC, Women: Karamara Sweet Temptations

Igor Čorko – Ljubomir Sakač (CRO) 25:05
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Biljana Težak (CRO) 16:04
Men: BWSC, Women: Karamara Sweet Temptation

Igor Čorko – Ljubomir Sakač (CRO) 28:36
Sunčica Hraščanec – Biljana Težak (CRO) 18:36
Men: BWSC, Women: Karamara Sweet Temptations

Igor Čorko – Emil Mucko (CRO) 15:32
Sunčica Hraščanec - Maja Roboz (CRO) 21:08
Men & Women Karamara Sweet Temptations

Andrej Grmovšek – Marko Lukič (SLO) 22:58
Sunčica Hrašćanec – Maja Roboz (CRO) 7:15
Men: BWSC, Women: Hugga wugga (6a, 60m)

Marko Lukič – Andrej Grmovšek (SLO) 23:17
Sunčica Hrašćanec – M. Roboz CRO 08:58
Men: BWSC, Women: Hugga wugga

Erik Švab – Marko Lukič (ITA/SLO) 25:24
Sunčica Hraščanec – Maja Roboz (CRO) 10:12
Men: BWSC, Women: Hugga wugga

Silvo Karo – Marko Lukič (SLO) 25:30
Sunčica Hraščanec – Irena Vrsalović (CRO) 14:21
Men: Diagonalka / Senza Pieta (6a+, 200m), Women: Hugga wugga

Silvo Karo – Marko Lukič (SLO) 29:41
Men: Diagonalka / Senza Pieta

Silvo Karo – Marko Lukič (SLO)
Men: Diagonalka / Senza Pieta

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