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Patagonia by water
The traverse

The adventure will begin on Wellington Island, situated off the Chilean coast in the Pacific Ocean, close to the 47° parallel.

The mountaineers will use an inflatable canoe to circumnavigate the Exmouth peninsula and leave the Eyre Fjord, one of the most remote areas in the world. Its 2000km coastline, from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn, is practically uninhabited.

Using crampons and ice axes they will proceed by first climbing onto the Pio XI glacier, the largest glacier in the southern hemisphere, and continue on foot to the Lautaro volcano, situated in the center of the Hielo Continental Sur.

From here they will continue past the Paso Moreno (1800m) and down to the Viedma glacier. They will traverse this by heading to Paso Marconi and Cerro Torre: weather permitting they will climb its west facing Via Ferrari.

Cerro Torre

The two mountaineers will continue from the base of Cerro Torre via the Marconi Pass and the homonymous glacier to Fitz Roy, one of the most incredible mountains on earth.

At the glacier front they will once again use their canoes to descend Rio Electrico, Rio de Las Vueltas, cross Lago Viedma to Rio La Leona and Lago Argentino, to finally meet up with Rio Santa Cruz. This zigzags across the Patagonian steppes for almost 400km before entering the Atlantic Ocean.

Patagonia glacier

Weather conditions, in particular strong winds, will prove to be the greatest hazard, especially at sea. Some of the harshest conditions on earth are to be found on the Hielo Continental Sur, where gusts of wind often reach 200km/h and heavy snowfalls can deposit 15m of snow in a couple of days.


Marcello Cominetti
32020 Livinallongo del Col di Lana, Belluno, Italy
tel +39 0436 7320

Lorenzo Nadali Via Casteltialto 2 40125 Bologna, Italy
tel/fax +39 051/6360134

The team has qualified for support from POLARTEC (Malden Mills, USA). Its POLARTEC CHALLENGE fund supports original projects that respect the environment, are at the cutting edge of sporting or exploratory achievement and which often prove to be an ideal testing ground for their new products. For more information:

top: Flamencos on Lago Argentino.
center: Cerro Torre
bottom: a view over the massive glacier.

Patagonia by Water is the name given to the project which aims to cross Patagonia from one ocean to the next by fair means. Marcello Cominetti and Lorenzo Nadali will set off in December 2000 without any means of communication and in complete autonomy.

Marcello Cominetti
from Genua, Mountain Guide, photographer, lives in Corvara, Dolomites. In-depth knowledge of Patagonia (has successfully guided a client to the summit of Fitz Roy). Has opened and repeated numerous routes in the Alps. One of the first in Italy to speed enchain various alpine peaks.

Lorenzo Nadali
from Bolgna, Mountain Guide, canoeist. Numerous first-ascents in Patagonia (Egger, Pollone, Fitz Roy) as well as repeats and attempts at other routes. One of the most active new-routers in Sardinia and well-known for his aid routes.

Patagonia map
click for detailed map

The glacier crossing is about 100km long, while the rivers and lakes, which the two mountaineers estimate will take 20 days to navigate, account for about 700km.

The team will take only a camera and a small digital video camera for their photo documentary. This will be shown in the specialised press and will also be used for POLARTEC's advertising purposes.

Departure from Italy is scheduled for December 2000, while the team plans on returning at the end of January 2001.

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