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The Corvara stage of Progetto Icaro 2013/2014
Photo by Karin Pizzinini
The Corvara stage of Progetto Icaro 2013/2014
Photo by Karin Pizzinini
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Progetto Icaro and the stage at Corvara, Dolomites


Pizzinini of the Corvara (Dolomites) stage of Progetto Icaro that took place on Saturday 1 March 2014.

The weather forecast for Saturday 1 March 1 was the worst this entire week. Snow was expected to fall well below Corvara though, so at least we wouldn't get wet. Since we'd already postponed it twice, calling it off a third time would most certainly have meant canceling this stage entirely. So after having checked things out with Marcello Cominetti, the mountain guide with whom the Corvara stage was organised, we set the date. Two other volunteer guides, Pietro dal Pra and Davide Crescenzio, came along to give an important hand.

15 kids of various ages turned up, as did a few fathers. The sky was overcast and the peaks covered by clouds so we opted for the easy off-piste lower down where the guides explained about snow and its dangers, how to understand and avoid them. This theory was then put into practice with an avalanche transceiver search in a test area prepared by Maurizio Bartoli, an avalanche expert. After a warm lunch the day ended with a demonstration of how avalanche air bags work: we'd been given a Ferrino Cybersafe rucksack for the day.

For me personally the Corvara stage was particularly important. It is here that Icaro lived the last years of his adventurous life, and it is here that he taught numerous youngsters how to become mountaineers, in both summer and winter. He'd watched some of these grow up and they had become "his"; in many respects he was almost like a father and these were the kids he'd never had. It is these children, who happen to also be my students, that were particularly close to me in recent times. They've kept themselves busy, passing on Icaro's teachings to other youngsters. Seeing them all there on Saturday was a deeply touching moment that almost brought tears to my eyes. But it was also a moment of true happiness because they, with their unbridled energy and love for Icaro, provide me with strength and a joy for life.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the successful outcome of this stage: the Mountain Guides Marcello Cominetti, Pietro dal Pra and Davide Crescenzio, Maurizio Bartoli for having prepared the transceiver camp after the night's snowfall, Alfredo Croce for having allowed us to demonstrate how the Ferrino ABS Airbag works. And, last but not least, all the keen and excited participants.

by Karin Pizzinini

The initiative, based on an idea by Corrado "Icaro" De Monte, that aims to raise awareness among young freeriders about the importance of mountain safety.
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