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Sara Grippo and Silvia Miotti
Photo by Klaus Dell'Orto / Melloblocco 2014
Melloblocco 2014: day 1
Photo by Klaus Dell'Orto / OpenCircle / Melloblocco
Melloblocco day 2
Photo by Klaus Dell'Orto / OpenCircle / Melloblocco

Melloblocco 2014: flash 3


Fragments, snapshots and updates from Melloblocco 2014.

Today promises to be a great day at Melloblocco, one that will be remembered for a long time. The sun is currently shining in Val Masino and the Melloblockers continue to arrive. 2300 climbers have officially registered for the event, and this goes to show how powerful the Mello attraction is!

Climbing has already being on the the thousands of problems within the valley. Of course, all eyes are on the competition problems and all the top climbers are already out there. And, it's no secret, the provisional leaders are out to win the grand slam, i.e. to complete all 9 set aside for the competition this year.

Men's pole position is currently occupied, both with 5 tops, by Gabriele Moroni (highly motivated and on great form) and Stefano Ghisolfi intent on confirming last year's victory. 5 tops were also sent by Jenny Lavarda (truly determined), super Barbara Zangerl, ever-strong Mélissa Le Nevé and the evergreen Yulia Abramchuk. But the game has only just begun because the leaders will be followed by those (such as Silvio Reffo) who reached the valley last night and are itching to get... climbing. And more top climbers are expected soon!

Talking about last night: the Mello people gave a standing ovation to Stefan Glowacz and his adventures on Baffin island. This was followed by the amazing party that included numerous “inventions” such as the improvised climbing under the bench competition (that more often than not ended up in the mud) and the pull-up meeting. It seemed as if all this was Saturday night's party. Who knows what'll happen this evening.

02/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - day two, climbing without limits
02/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014: flash 2 
01/05/2014 - Melloblocco 2014: day one, sunshine for everyone 
30/04/2014 - The Melloblocco 2014 boulder problems by Simone Pedeferri
30/04/2014 - For those who love Melloblocco... the journey begins
24/04/2014 - Less than a week to Melloblocco!
03/04/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - simply climbing
16/01/2014 - Melloblocco 2014 - register now online!
10/04/2014 - Simone Pedeferri - behind the scenes of Melloblocco 2014

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