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The rockfall at Cadin del Laudo, Sorapiss group, Dolomites on 30 September 2013.
Photo by Massimo da Pozzo
The rockfall at Cadin del Laudo, Sorapiss group, Dolomites on 30 September 2013.
Photo by Massimo da Pozzo
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Dolomites: large rockfall on Cadin del Laudo, Sorapiss group, Dolomites


Last night at around 23:00 a large rockfall affected the Cadin del Laudo, Sorapiss group, Dolomites.

Rockfall in the Dolomites, there's nothing new about this. It always happens. The lastest landslide occurred last night, at about 23.00 in the Sorapiss group, from the "slabs" on Ciadin del Laudo located in the Sorapiss group although not a part of the famous mountain above San Vito. The first estimates talk of a slide somewhere in the region of 300m wide and 400m high, although closer inspection may reveal a slightly smaller collapse.

In practice, for those who know the area, Ciadin of Laudo is located on the side that looks out onto Misurina and Passo Tre Croci. The area is crossed by the classic walk that leads from Faloria (above Cortina) along path #213 and one of its variants (path #216) to Rifugio Vandelli. In doing so it crosses Forcella del Ciadin (2378m) and leads down into thin Cadin de Laudo basin where the rockfall occurred. Neither path #213 nor #216 were hit by this rockfall while the variation #223 has been partially affected. After an inspection carried out this morning by the Mountain Rescue team belonging to the Guardia di Finanza and the Forest Service, a decision is expected on behalf of the local authorities who, in all likelihood, will partially close path #223.

It should be added that, as the hut warden of Rifugio Vandelli told planetmountain, a first rockfall had already taken place last week, at about 18.30 on Wednesday 25 September. During the ensuing days this "movement" continued with other, sporadic rockfall. But the major collapse occured last night at about 23.00. It is worth noting that last week's rockfall was only noted at Rifugio Vandelli due to the large amount of dust in the air, while those in the hut last night slept soundly as no noise was heard at all.

What remains to be said - returning to the initial point and the various statements made by geologists in response to questions raised by journalists - is that this is a "natural" phenomena that has always taken place. These are, after all, the Dolomites and the scree at the base of the mountains are testament to this.

UPDATE 02/10/2013
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