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Sondrio Street Climbing V
Photo by Alex Paganoni
Sondrio Street Climbing V
Photo by Alex Paganoni
Sondrio Street Climbing V
Photo by Luca Maspes
Sondrio Street Climbing V
Photo by Luca Maspes
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Sondrio Street Climbing. The Salewa Rockshow 2014 begins

On 5 April 2014 the city of Sondrio hosted the Vth Sondrio Street Climbing event that acted as the first Italian stage of the Salewa Rockshow 2014. The report by Beatrice Giustolisi.

April 5, 2014, two weeks late due to the rain, finally it's here: the Vth Sondrio Street Climbing, the urban climbing event organised by the CAI Valtellina Youth Group together with the City of Sondrio and a part of this year's Salewa Rockshow circuit.

Two hundred and thirty-three climbers, three times as many as those who had taken part in the first edition back in 2009; twenty-six problems set as always by the mountain guide Gianluca Maspes and six hours to climb them, even if Maurizio Bombardieri completed them all in a record-breaking two and a half hours to finish third. The other Semifinalists were quick, too: Renato Cotta (2nd), Federico Bagarin, Fabrizio Paindelli, Gionata Della Rodolfa (4th equal), Nicola Bruseghini (1st), Fabio Bellotti and Raffaele Tangari. Mountain Guide Nicola Bruseghini from nearby Caspoggio won the Sondrio Street Climbing trophy for the fourth time (worth noting that he didn't compete last year) by beating Renato Cotta from Como in the race up the town's Ligariana bell tower.

In the women's event, Simona Mascetti from Como sent 26 problems to beat Martina Frigerio from Lecco (20 problems) and Alessandra Tognela from Valtellina (19 problems). Seeing that the Sondrio Street Climbing V is a part of the 2014 Salewa Rockshow, awards were also given to the Under 16 climbers, namely to Davide Colombo, Marco Valtolina and Filippo Caramatti and Chiara Caramella and Ilaria D’Angelo.

The Sondrio Street Climbing event is not only about climbing though, there are also plenty of other fun and games. For instance, in Piazza Campello the Slack Passion Slackline Team balanced across a highline suspended 10 meters off the ground and made passersby stop and look upwards, even before the start of the final race up the bell tower.

Sondrio Street Climbing is also about enhancing Sondrio's town centre, and the squares were packed with hustle and bustle, a colourful off-season carnival enjoyed by both climbers and the local population.

And Sondrio Street Climbing is also about finishing with a party that goes on until late at night, this year accompanied by sciatt, taròz (two typical Valtellina dishes), some red wine and the live music performed by Geisha Red Can Satiri and Calcifer.

The organisers, happy with the outcome, wish to thank the sponsors who made this event happen as well as the 50+ volunteers who did everything from working as judges to helping out with the registration forms and slicing cheese (for the sciatt) and peeling potatoes (for the taròz), playing an important role in the successful outcome of this challenge and climbing celebration.

An official video will be published shortly to relive the most exciting moments of this event, prior to next year's Sondrio Street Climbing VI.

by Beatrice Giustolisi

04/03/2014 St. Gallen Switzerland
04/05/2014 Sondrio Italy
04/05/2014 Borgo San Dalmazzo Italy
04/12/2014 Ville la Grand France
04/12/2014 Saalfelden Austria
04/26/2014 Trento Italy (on 05/03/2014 in case of bad weather)
04/26/2014 Chamonix France
04/26/2014 Munich, Thalkirchen Germany
04/26/2014 Seoul South Korea
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05/16/2014 Vienna Austria
05/17/2014 Rome Italy
05/17/2014 Prague Czech Republic
05/18/2014 Paris France
05/31/2014 Verres Italy
05/31/2014 Busan South Korea
03/29/2014 Bratislava Slovakia





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