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Bouldering until the end of the world


The great bouldering contest to save the world kicked off on 20/12/2011 at the Wild King Boulder Arena in Verona, Italy. This competition will take place every month until 20/12/2012 and is open to everyone who wishes to battle it out on three extreme problems to exorcise the Maya prophecy.

The countdown has begun: according to the Mayan prophecy of the 6th Tortuguero Monument, in exactly a years time, namely on December 20th 2012, the 13th b’ak’tun will come to an end.

The following day the 14th b’ak’tun will begin... or the world will end.

The Popol Vuh couldn't be clearer: the three preceding creations were destroyed at the end of the 13th b'ak'tun because they were considered a failure and, given the general situation, it's unlikely that this b’ak’tu might finish better off.


... unless we demonstrate that mankind is worth saving. Despite the wars and injustice, the international corporations and religions, politicians and Celebrity Survivor. In short, despite everything.

We need real men.
We need real champions.
A supreme test is needed.

Someone capable of saving the world's greatest problems.
But... do you really believe they've got the time? Impossible. 

So it's up to us, the human climbers. We're used to solving fundamental problems, like how to reach the top of a boulder, climbing a rock face to reach a chain and lower off.
It's up to us to become or support the human champions. 

The supreme test took place at the Wild King Boulder Arena (King Rock) on 20/12/2011.
Our champions will have a whole year, and 12 different "energy meetings", to solve the problems and pass the ultimate test.

We, mere mortal hold pullers, will support them and, but climbing together, will direct that much-needed energy to them .

The world needs all of us. Don't miss out!

P.S. champions take heed: even if you're not interested in saving mankind (and I can fully understand should this be the case), please bear in mind that he who resolves the problem will receive a reward which, at the moment, is in the region of €1200 (three times the value of humanity, after tax...)

WHERE > the bouldering tunnel in the Wild King Boulder Arena at the King Rock climbing wall in Verona
WHEN > every 20th day of the month starting from 12/20/2011 to 12/20/2012 from 19:30 onwards
WHAT > Il Drago (the dragon), a route comprised of three consecutive (very) extreme boulder problems. The top of the first is the start of the second and so on. A total of 30 holds (about 54 moves): large slopers, very overhanging.
WHO > The route, the boulder problem or the individual moves can be attempted by anyone at any time (obviously during the King Rock opening hours) from 12/20/2011 to 12/20/2012.
HOW > The champions must send the route during one of boulder-meetings (the 20th day of each month) otherwise they won't be eligible for the prize. If an athlete sends the problem on a different day (and can prove it) he or she are eligible to win if they repeat it during the next meeting.
HOW MUCH > The prize for the first to send the boulder-route is, at present, €1200. It is likely to increase during the year but it will certainly not decrease. If two or more athletes send the problem during the same event the prize will be split between the two. The prize for sending all three boulder problems which make up the sequence is a free pass to King Rock valid until 20/12/2012.
WE CARE > The events will support two associations concerned with bone marrow donation: Climb for Life and Lifeline. For more information: www.climbforlife.it - www.lifelineitalia.org





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