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Michele Caminati repeating The New Statesman E8 7at Ilkley Quarry in England.
Photo by Michele Caminati
Michele Caminati on, and off, The New Statesman E8 7at Ilkley Quarry in England.
Photo by Michele Caminati
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Michele Caminati repeats The New Statesman at Ilkley


Yesterday in England's Ilkley Quarry Michele Caminati made a rare repeat of the gritstone route The New Statesman E8 7a.

Michele Caminati has added another important climb to his gritstone curriculum by ascending the difficult and famous The New Statesman located in the austere Ilkley Quarry, England. It's difficult to explain the importance this exposed arete holds for British trad climbing, but it's worth remembering that despite the fact that 25 years have passed since it was first ascended by young local climber John Dunne, the line has remained a dangerous testpiece reserved for only the best and, consequently, repeated very rarely indeed.

Caminati managed to climb the route yesterday after a previous failed attempt which resulted in a lucky fall which could have had far greater consequences than a stiff neck... "The New Statesman" explained Caminati to planetmountain this morning "is probably the most beautiful route I've ever climbed...". Seeing his experience on gritstone - End of the Affair E8 6c, The Angel's Share E8 7a and Braille Trail E7 6c are just three he has repeated this season - these words are certainly worth listening to.





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