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Michele Guerrini climbing at Lumignano Nuova, in the background the sector Classica
Photo by Stefano Maruzzo
Lumignano in the Berici Hills close to Vicenza, Italy
Photo by Stefano Maruzzo
Monte Brojon and the Piardi sector, Lumignano, Colli Berici (VI)
Photo by Stefano Maruzzo

Lumignano and the climbing in the Berici hills at risk


As a result of new rules drafted by the Provice of Vicenza (Italy), the historic crag Lumignano and the climbing within the Berici hills risks severe restrictions.

As perhaps many Italian climbers know, the project Life+ Colli Berici is in the final stages and this includes a new set of rules that will regulate the climbing on the crags in the Berici hills, including the historic Lumignano. The new rules will regulate all sports, from rock climbing to hang gliding and motor sports within the Berici Site of Community Importance. The hills just outside Vicenza have received SIC classification as a result of the quality of its habitat types and species. We are clearly aware of the highly urbanized and densely inhabited environment surrounding the hills. The document mentions plant life specific to Lumignano and its surroundings and therefore the need has arisen to better protect this slice of land, even in view of the fact that Nature is not always regarded as a common resource that must be preserved and valourised. The Province of Vicenza has noted that the most common sports, even when carried out by those who respect nature, are not regulated throughout the entire Berici. According to the Province, this lack of regulation can represent a threat to the conservation of this habitat and some priority species. While the Vincenza branch of the Italian Mountaineering Club and the local climbers agree on the importance of protecting the natural environment, they reaffirm the importance of the current regulation, approved in 2004 by the Longare comune together with the various sports associations and environmental groups, and consider this a suitable solution. Furthermore, the climbers do not agree with sections of the new regulation drafted by the Province of Vicenza, since these climbing restrictions are deemed ineffective in protecting the environment.

The draft regulations cite rules of good behavior, as well as bans to certain crags.

- Climbing will be possibile all year on the routes from "Lumignano Classica" to "Vomere"(Green area).
- Climbing from 1 July to 31 December "Brojon Classico" and "Brojon Strapiombi" (Orange area).
- Climbing from 1 April to 30 September at the crags "Il commercialista" and "Sotto l'Eremo".
- Climbing will be prohibited all year round (red area).
- The same ban will be applied to all minor crags in the Colli Berici (San Donato, Mossano, Barbarano, Castegnero), as indicated in the new draft map.
- Without prior authorisation no new routes can be established.
- Policing will be carried out by the State and local police forces.
- Last but not least, those found violating these rules will be fined. This can range from 25 - 500 euro.

As a result, on Wednesday 2 April in Vicenza the local Mountaineering Club has organised a debate to discuss this issue. Everyone is invited to take part in "Lumignano: past, present and future".

by Sezione CAI di Vicenza e Gruppo Rocciatori Renato Casarotto Arrampicatori Vicentini

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