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Scott Balcom making the first slackline crossing of the Lost Arrow Spire highline on 13 July 1985.
Photo by archive Scott Balcom

Lost Arrow Spire highline, the first crossing by Scott Balcom


Original footage of the first slackline crossing of the Lost Arrow Spire, carried out by Scott Balcom on 13/07/1985 above Yosemite Valley.

Only a few weeks ago we published the video of Sasha DiGiulian and Kevin Jorgeson climbing their way up the final pitches of the Lost Arrow Spire. This iconic feature is not only one of the world’s most classic rock climbs, over the years the exposed gap between the tower and the rim has transformed into the most famous and sought after highline in the world.

The highline reaped international acclaim largely thanks to inspirational walks by Dean Potter - in 2003 he became the first person to walk it unleashed in both directions, both uphill and downhill, after Darrin Carter had walked it without the safety leash downhill in 1994 - but it was young Scott Balcom who, on 13 July 1985 and after failed attempts the previous year, became the first to successfully cross the Lost Arrow Spire highline. For the record, 4 days and 22 years later, the holy grail of highlighing was crossed for the first time by a woman. The date: Tuesday 17 July 2007. The name to remember, a certain Libby Sauter.





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