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Dott. Luigi Festi and Oliver Reisten, Air Zermatt medic
Photo by archivio Master Medicina di Montagna
Thesis presentation at Bolzano and Varese
Photo by archivio Master Medicina di Montagna
Dott. Luigi Festi at the thesis presentation at Bolzano and Varese
Photo by archivio Master Medicina di Montagna
Thesis presentation at Bolzano and Varese
Photo by archivio Master Medicina di Montagna

2nd International Master Course in Mountain Medicine


The second edition of the International Master Course in Mountain Medicine will start on May 2013 to end on June 2014 and will be held at the Italian Insubria University in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Bolzano EURAC. The introduction by Doctor Luigi Festi.

The second edition of the International Master Course in Mountain Medicine will start on May 2013 to end on June 2014. The first edition, just ended, has graduated 13 Italian Physicians, that have obtain a valid worldwide and a Master’s Degree University unique.

We live in an era of great change, of major crisis, but also cultural and ethical when, tired of the daily depressed, you aspire to a different world, cleaner, capable of giving emotions, to involve us and to let us to find the most sense deep on everyday life.

There is a new discovery of mountain, of the pure alpine environment, sometimes close to home, and often overlooked as they were moved to distant destinations, famous and sponsored.

The revival of the attendance of the mountain, already evident in recent years and become even more important in recent months, has been joined in search of the wilderness, the top as self-affirmation, exploration in search of thin air, and also the extreme sports performance as only the alpine environment can offer. However, this approach to the mountain is then often scarcely conscious, shallow and heedless of their physical condition and without any form of culture and preparation on self protection and safety.

It was born the idea to create a new type of highly specialized doctor, who can be a guide and mentor during the great expeditions, or even simple trips, but who can also respond to simple clinical questions posed by those in the mountains bears for fun or, and this is a growing phenomenon, for professional reasons.

Lack of awareness of their clinical conditions, which relate to the height and difficulty, increasingly becomes the cause of accidents or rescue alpine calls, not always appropriate and indicated. The economic crisis and political and social situation that is hitting our country, may think that this is a marginal Master with costs too heavy, dedicated to people trying to escape from reality, in the thought that the mountain is a very different matter thickness compared to the problems of everyday life that afflict our country, or in front of problems of ethics and values that we share with other countries close to us.

I think that the originality, the desire to take a challenge, the desire of polish, the wish to prove that in our country mistreated, could be born as an initiative of high cultural value and medicine, the desire to get excited, associated with the high competence of speakers, represents an important message to get us back to the roots of our being Italian citizens, but above all citizens of the world.

I also believe that culture and in particular the culture of the mountain environment represents a unique opportunity and a source of job if you will be able to enhance the human and environmental resources of our country.

The strong presence of foreign and Swiss in particular, confirmed by the patronage of various medical societies and rescue as well as by the Swiss Alpine Club and especially by Swiss Hospital Organisation (Canton Ticino), a special thanks to Dr. F. Barazzoni, is an action of faith towards to Italy, and I hope that this Master could be attractive against the Swiss and European medical colleagues and why not the Americans, who, even if a great respect for such courses made around the world, are facing a different and unique way in a field intended to be less of niche and more and more within range of the general public.

Luigi Festi - Director Master of Mountain Medicine

Info: www.mastermedicinadimontagna.com, and via email:

INFO AND REGISTRATION NO LATER THAN 10 MAY 2013: www.uninsubria.it





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