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Climbing at Lumignano, Monte Brojon Lumignano used to be one of the most famous crags in Italy. Times have changed, but this crag still has a lot to offer. One of its most recent additions is Monte Brojon: divided into four very different sectors and with over 50 routes to choose from, it is proving to be extremely popular.
"Brojon classico" has many easy routes and faces SW, while the overhanging "strapiombi" are ideal for those who love short, powerful testpieces.

Getting there

Lumignano lies a few kilometers south of Vicenza. From Vicenza follow the highway SS247 (signposted Este), which runs alongside the Colli Berici. Turn right for Costozza and Lumignano immediately after Longare: Monte Brojon and other crags come into view shortly after the first of these two villages.

To get to "Lumignano classico", drive
past the church and through the village to the end of the road. Park near the enormous boulder.

To get to Monte Brojon park the car before the church, walk up some steps and continue along the well-marked path (Eremo) which leads to the hermitage. Do not turn left up to the hermitage. Instead, keep right, cross the small stream and continue uphill to the crag.
Alternatively, drive up the hill opposite by turning right up a steep road (Via Brojo) before entering Lumignano. Park the car carefully so that others can pass and walk past the houses directly to the "Strapiombi" sector.
Use the map provided for further reference.

Food and accommodation
Lumignano is a small village with only a few bars and one small supermarket.
Finding a place to stay for the night is complicated as there are no B&B's close to Lumignano and the nearest campsite is in Vicenza: Campeggio Vicenza, tel. 0444/582311, Strada Pelosa 239.
Unfortunately, hotels are not very cheap in this area. Try either Hotel Vicenza tel. 0444/321512, or Hotel Due Mori 0444/321886.

Best time of year
Spring and autumn, although it is also possible to find perfect climbing conditions during sunny, winter days. The crag faces SE or SW, depending on the various sectors.

Recommended routes

- Indigo
- Mr. Rawalphindi
- Bravo
- La Grotta
- Il Falco
- Nessun Dorma
- Lord Carrington
- L'araba fenice
- La caduta degli dei
- Il pianto di Andromaca
- Astrazione empatica

Map of Brojon, Lumignano
Davide Crescenzio on La Grotto
The sectors
1 - Strapiombi
2 - Sotto gli strapiombi
3 - Pilastro
4 - Brojon classico
Overhanging Brojon
Davide Crescenzio on
La Gotta 8a - Brojon
(photo F. Tremolada)
Superb quality pocketed limestone.
The climbing varies greatly from one sector to the next. The routes in sector "Strapiombi" are short, powerful and intense on large holds. The near horizontal roof below is even shorter and harder . The routes in sector "Pilastro" are much longer and vertical, while in "Brojon classico" the angle of the crag eases and so do the grades of the routes .
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