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Portfolio by Roberto Fioravanti
Thank God the weather's bad, that it's snowing, that you can't see you hand when its in front of your face. And thank God were indoors.

The place looks more like it's straight out of some science fiction film than an ice climbing competition.

From the tenth floor of the garage the spiralling ramp is hypnotic, and pushed aside only by the bombastic music and the rising smell of the barbeque way down below.

At last an ice climbing competition that climbs something natural. After the massive ice towers, where the difficulty was comprised of keeping your shoulders within the narrow lines, and after the boulders in Cortina, where drytooling was simulated to great effect using wooden boards and screwed on holds, finally a real wall with some real ice, which lets the route setters' imagination run wild, creating lines which let you breath. Free at last!

Comment by Erik Svab

Portfolio by R. Fioravanti

This time
even I, who have never climbed ice, let alone seen a mixed route, understand what dry tooling means.

It's an elitist sport. If the object of football can synthetically be descibed as having to boot the ball into the opposing goal, then drytooling is clearly all about scraping and blunting ice axes up steep rock.

These are the
three main requirements:
first, be able to do thirty pull-ups non stop and lock off at every conceivable angle,
second, be good friends with a sponsor who's willing to give you a couple of ice axes every month,
third, have no idea what cold means.

The best event was definitely the speed comp.

Here at Saas Fee they thugged like wild and then hit a pot with their ice axes. They were in underpants and seemed to be having great fun.

Seedy dressing should become obligatory, with men and women climbing in just underwear.
This sport would be far more spectacular!
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