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Ice Master World Cup 2003 Valle Daone
Ice Master World Cup 2002
Semifinal 18/01/03

A spectacular Semi-Final! Valle di Daone showed its true colours today with a series of desperate routes and exciting moves - such as the full-on dyno to a hanging ice cylinder in the men's second route! Harry Berger, Stephane Husson, Jack Muller and Dimitri Bychkov all reached this dyno but, unsurprisingly, no athlete managed to match the top.

To everyone's surprise though
Dimitri did not make it through to tomorrrow's final; last week's winner in Pitztal failed to make significant headway on the second route and, despite a top, was the first to be excluded from the final. Harry Berger, impeccable as usual with two tops and a final zone, was followed closely by reigning World Champion Evgeny Kryvosheytsev, while Alexei Tomilov impressed all with his determination to place provisional third, ahead of Samuel Anthamatten.

If the men's competition was hard,
the women's was even harder! But, to quote Ines Papert, they were all do-able. And she was the first to demonstrate this, getting stylishly close to topping out on all three. Petra Muller pulled off a fine performance to place provisional second, while Abby Watkins' fought over top on the third route secured her provisional third. Ksenia Sdobnikova, Kirsten Buchmann and Maria Shabalina all followed close behind, with at least one top each. Tomorrow's starting list is completed by Natalia Koulikova and Go Misun - the latter climbed somewhat underpar but nevertheless pulled out all the stops.

What impressed most
was how all athletes fought right to the bitter end. Sunday's Final will no doubt be quite some battle...

Finalists Men
1 "Harry" Berger Austria
2 Evgeny Kryvosheytsev Ukraine
4 Alexei Tomilov Slovenia
5 Samuel Anthamatten Switzerland
5 Stephane Husson France
6 Kurt Astner Italy
7 Aliaz Anderle Slovenia
8 Markus Bendler Austria

Finalists Women
1 Papert Ines Germany
2 Muller Petra Switzerland
3 Watkins Abby Canada
4 Sdobnikova Ksenia Russia
5 Buchmann Kirsten Switzerland
6 Shabalina Maria Russia
7 Koulikova Natalia Russia
8 Go Misun Korea
9 Torretta Anna Italy
10 Petenko Elizaveta Russia
11 Maureau Stephanie Francia
12 Filippova Maryam Russia
13 Iakimova Nadejda Russia
14 Kraft Gundy Switzerland
15 Gemelli Monica Italy
16 Bonaldo Orietta Italy
17 Petenko Ekaterina Russia
19 Oleinikova Joulia Russia
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Ice Master World Cup 2003 Valle Daone
Kurt Astner (ITA)
Ice Master World Cup 2003 Valle Daone
Evgeny Kryvosheytsev (UKR)
Attilio Munari, Pietro Dal Pra, Sebastien Foissac, Konstantin Jdanov
Andrej Pecjak, Michael Boss, Jasna Pecja

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