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Luca Vuerich

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Luca Vuerich was born in December 1975 in Friuli, Northern Italy. As a true Sagittarius, he realised that he was not fit for a sedentary lifestyle, and soon took to the mountains. Together with an Olympus Mju and his father, an excellent mountaineer and photographer, Luca Vuerich spent his early childhood exploring the Julian Alps.

In 1993 he began climbing in earnest. Rather than concentrating on one activity in particular he chose to explore all its facets, from sport climbing to ice climbing, dry tooling to cold winter ascents. His objective was the Himalaya, the Karakorum, and since 1998 he has, albeit not officially, moved there. "I don't prefer one activity in particular. I enjoy listening and moving with the seasons."

"When I take photographs I let myself be guided by my instinct, without following set rules. My photographs are all spontaneous, they're not demanding. I enjoy taking photos even at 8000m, despite the fact that up there everything is a bit harder... It's because of this that I don't define myself as being a professional photographer: I cannot compare myself to someone who has studied photography for years and years. I've still got so much more to learn."

"Hold your breath and take a photograph... and mentally revisit the scene you've just shot. it's so simple and could seem difficult: it's catching the moment, carpe diem..."

-23/01/2010 Luca Vuerich killed by avalanche

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Camera info
Minolta Dynax 7 to Base Camp
Minolta Dynax 5 at altitude.

I learnt how to use SRL during my first expeditions and, even if it's a bit tiresome and demanding, I always have them with me when I take to the moutnains.
Sigma 17-35
Tamron 24-135
Sigma 135-400
The lenses aren't very bright, but I have to make a compromise as my equipment has to be lighweight. At altitude I use the Dynax 5 coupled with a Tamron 24-135, which works well as wide-angled lens and zoom.
Fuji velvia 100 asa
Kodak Ektachrome and 100vs
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