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Makalu Expedition San Martino Aquile
Makalu Expedition San Martino Aquile
Makalu Himalaya

Makalu, at 8475m the fifth highest mountain in the world, rises high above the main Himalayan mountain chain.

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The team is sponsored and supported by:
- Consorzio di Primiero
- Provincia Autonoma di Trento
- Azienda di Promozione Turistica San Martino di Castrozza e Primiero
- B.I.M. Consorzio dei Comuni del Bacino Imbrifero del Brenta
- Cassa Rurale Valli di Primiero e Vanoi
- The North Face

Press Office:
Simonetta Quirtano
(Vivalda Editori), tel.+39 011/7720.481

      The Expedition

25 years have passed since the historic expedition to Dhaulagiri in 1976 which saw Zortea and Simoni reach the summit. Now a group of Italian Mountain Guides belonging to the
Aquile di San Martino will return to the Himalayan giants, this time though with the aim of scaling Makalu, the fifth highest mountain on earth.

The close-knit and enthusiastic nine-man team will depart on 1 April to climb this splendid mountain, situated on the border between Nepal and Tibet. All have worked and climbed together for many years on some of the hardest walls in the Dolomites, and their experience and enthusiasm will be key to a successful outcome of the expedition.

At 8475m Makalu is considered to be one of the most beautiful Himalayan giants. Beautiful and isolated, as the approach takes twelve days. Having set up Base Camp at the NW tip of the Barun glacier on Makalu's west face, the expedition will acclimatise and establish Advanced Base Camp at 5500m. From here they will establish a further three camps as they attempt the route climbed by the French expedition led by Jean Franco which first summited Makalu in 1955. The group of Mountain Guides hopes to return safely to San Martino at the end of May.

The expedition's official website
www.makalu2001.org will cover the expedition, and dispatches of the team's progress will also be available on PlanetMountain.com.

Expedition Makalu 2001
  Expedition Dhaulagiri 1976

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